About Me


I’m Louisa. 50% Filipino, 50% British (and 100% introvert), happily working in my first job in the software developing world after taking a career-changing leap of faith to learn to code through an intense 3-month coding bootcamp. Previous to this, I realised that the job I took on after University was not one well-suited for me, and that I really needed to do something about it.

After a few interviews (perseverance is key!), I managed to gain a place at Makers Academy. They help you learn the best skills and practices for the industry (and most importantly, how to keep learning!), and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Coming from an arty/creative background, this journey into Tech has definitely not been easy but one that has been completely worth it.

I hope that in sharing my experiences I will be able to inspire others who are thinking about, or currently in the transition of, learning to code and landing a Junior Software Developer role. I’m confident that if you have enough passion and commitment towards your goal, you will be able to achieve it.

As well as being passionate about developing my coding knowledge, my second passion is traveling. I am always looking for a new place in the world to explore, although my absolute favourite country to explore is the Philippines! My parents are now based there, so I try and fly over once a year. I am totally in love with the country; the incredibly kind people, the perfect white beaches, the hidden gems waiting to be discovered throughout its 7,641 islands…

I have traveled around a few islands in the Philippines in the past, but my goal is to explore to as many of the islands as I possibly can during my annual trips and document it all on here. In the meantime, I will be writing about my coding and travel related adventures in between these annual trips; sharing any advice/tips for the curious, like me, out there!

Louisa x